HP Scitex Industrial Presses Ink Locator

HP Scitex inks are designed to optimize printer performance and deliver quality output. With the HP Scitex Industrial Presses Ink Locator,1 you can easily explore the portfolio or search according to specific criteria.

HP Scitex inks are available in a variety of solvent, UV-curable, and water-based formulations. Designed for specific HP Scitex printing systems, the inks help ensure accurate color reproduction and compatibility.

When used with HP Scitex printers and presses, HP Scitex inks produce dry, ready-to-use, durable images. They also offer a large color gamut on a wide variety of rigid and flexible substrates.

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HP Scitex Inks Glossary
PDF 200KB, EN only

1 Some restrictions may apply. Please note that certain inks may not be available in all regions. Please be aware that the information displayed in the HP Scitex Industrial Presses Ink Locator may be incomplete, may contain errors, or may have become out of date.